Welcome to AgriWorks Software

Welcome to AgriWorks Software

Welcome! We know you’ve probably a lot of questions about us... Who is AgriWorks Software? What’s important to us? What’s this blog about? Let’s get cracking and give some answers!

Who are we?

AgriWorks Software, is a software development company who specialise in providing great applications for farmers and the agricultural industry.

We started as farmers ourselves, giving us a great understanding of the industry to provide the tools and support to help you exceed.

Our history...

Founded in 2021 by Dan Rowe a dairy farmer from Cornwall, UK.

Dan’s frustrations of the lack of interconnectivity between farm systems and software and lack of real-time data available to third parties (consultants, vets, nutritionalists) lead to the development of AgriWorks Connect and AgriWorks Analytics.

With over 10 years of technological and agricultural experience, Dan’s unique perspective of how two industries unify opened opportunities to work with existing companies in the agricultural sector to develop bespoke systems alongside AgriWorks Software’s own product base.

What’s important to us?

It is our aim at AgriWorks Software to provide farmers and the agricultural industry with easy to use software at an affordable price without skimping on quality.

While we believe data is vital to the success of farming businesses going forward, data means nothing if it is not easy to understand. We strive to create a harmony between the numerous systems where data is generated on a farm, and present it in an easy to understand way and feed data between other products.

We firmly maintain all data generated should be the sole property and control of the farmer. It is up to them who has access to the data, what they can or can’t do with it, or to be able to revoke access at any time.

What will we be blogging about?

We want to help farmers utilise technology within their businesses, so we’ll be blogging a range of helpful tips and guides to help get you started or use existing solutions even more effectively.

We also know there’s a lot of ‘buzz’ words within the tech industry, we’ll be releasing a series of posts demystifying these terms and explaining what they offer to the agricultural industry.

What are we making?

We’re working on a range of products to help reduce and organise paperwork, connect your farm systems together and helping you to get more back from the data produced at farm level.

For full information on each of our planned developments please visit our products page.

When can you use it?

Sorry we don’t have anything quite there yet... The current planned initial release dates for our products are as follows:

Want to get involved before? If you’d be interested in helping us test our products please get in touch


We hope we’ve persuaded you to join us and follow our journey. It’s early days at the moment, but we’re so excited about what’s to come in the future and can’t wait to continue sharing more with you along the way.

If you’d like to know more, share your thoughts or simply say hi we’d love to hear from you! Our contact details can all be found on our contact page.

Don’t want to miss anything?

We’ll be sharing all our progress, news and some useful tips along the way for you and your business on all our social medias (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or you can subscribe to our newsletter (at the bottom of the home page) to never miss a beat!