Farm Software Survey - 2022

Farm Software Survey - 2022

We want your help to understand the current state of how the agricultural industry perceives software, technology, data, terminology and challenges.

We are currently investigating the market place to see what software farm businesses and supporting business use to boost farm productivity, and to determine where those within the industry could utilise technology better.

All answers to this survey are entirely anonymous unless you are happy for us to respond to your feedback.

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Prize Draw:

As a thank you for submitting our survey you can be entered into a prize draw to win a £25 Amazon voucher.

Responses to the survey will be closed on the 31/03/2022 at 5pm. A winner to the draw will be picked on 01/04/2022 and contacted either by phone or email.

Most responses to this survey are optional, but in order to qualify for entry to our prize draw you must answer 30% of the survey.


Our aim is for technology to improve businesses within agriculture, but to mark an improvement you must first have a baseline. We want to understand where businesses are struggling to highlight where improvements must be made, but we also want to highlight the current successes within the industry.

Going forward, the tech industry has some fantastic technologies which we believe will hugely impact the agricultural industry, but it is also our responsibility to make sure you understand these technologies fully to take advantage of them within your business.

The Results

After the survey is closed, we'll need a week or two to sort through the answers. We'll then be sharing the results for free online. As part of our mission, we want to improve the use of technology within agriculture and believe this data should be shared.

We intend to run this survey again every couple of years to track the progress those supporting farmers are doing to improve technology at a farm level.

Partner with us

We’d love to work with others to help shape the future of tech within agriculture, and the safety / usage of data within the industry. If you’d like to work with us on our survey, or any future surveys please get in touch

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